Top 5 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using For Great Results

Search engine optimization has evolved over time. While the essential task of every SEO expert remains the same; impressing search engines like Google and others, it can be achieved only by using the best SEO tools available. Therefore, the practical task of a search engine expert includes but not limited to finding the target keywords useful for business, analyzing the competitor, understanding technical aspects of search engine algorithms and ultimately to boost traffic to the website organically or via PPC.

The free SEO tools available are very handy to get great SEO results. When you join any SEO course in Mumbai, it is imperative that you learn about these top free tools to begin the SEO journey on the right note. Let’s dive in and find the top 5 free tools which you should use and master over to ace the search engine optimization field.

As you might know, Google is one of the most popular and used search engines all throughout the world. The search engine giant itself has many excellent tools that help SEO.

 Google Search Console

Talk about free SEO tools and Google Search Console is everyone’s favourite and it is the go-to software for all the SEO genius out there. There are several reasons why it is popular. First, since most of the search engine optimization is done around Google, the data and insights in Google Search Console is totally legitimate and can be trusted. It gives a great insight on page rankings, pages that are indexed or not, and find how user and Google view your website.

Google Analytics

 Another fascinating tool from Google which gives an extensive amount of data is Google Analytics. It helps SEO experts to optimize SEO campaigns and better the performance. The wide range of data includes organic and paid traffic, real-time data about users on the page, time spent on a page, clicks, page speed, keywords searches and much more.


Keywords are the heart of any SEO campaign and ranking them is one of the top priorities. Ubersuggest is one the best SEO tools which give comprehensive data and insights on keywords like difficulty, search volume month-wise, best-suggested keywords you can work upon and comparison chart between two keywords which is quite helpful.

Seed Keyword

As mentioned, keywords should be given more while planning the best SEO strategy and therefore you can use Seed Keyword tool. This tool is unique in the sense that it gives you the chance to ask your customers as to how they would search for you online. Once you get the keywords, use it in the Google search. You will be able to know the competitive parameters of the keyword with the Submit Query option. Moreover, it is free and therefore, you must try it.

Panguin Tool

One of the challenges faced by SEO experts is the regular updates in the Google algorithm. It affects the keyword rankings and sometimes forces experts to rethink the strategy to achieve the best SEO results. Panguin tool is an excellent tool to understand the reasons why rankings have dropped in case it happened in sync with updates. Also, it can help you get reports and insights on how local SEO is affected as well.

There are many other free versions of tools like Screaming Frog, Answer The Public, Woorank, Siteliner which can help you immensely. Want to receive the best-in-class education of SEO? Join the Search Engine Optimization course at Basecamp Digital.

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